A tale of two sisters: 

It all began in 2002 when my sister was diagnosed with celiac. At the time, gluten free products were not as readily available as they are today, so we had our work cut out for us! I was determined to be able to recreate all of the dishes we loved without gluten! From my first attempt at making chocolate chip cookies to many kitchen fails and successes, I have not only fallen in love with gluten free cooking, but also have a deep appreciation for making healthy food taste delicious. For us, food is a lifestyle. It encompasses health, family, friends, enjoyment and entertainment. Whether it's through hosting a dinner party, teaching a cooking class, catering an event, cooking a private meal, or creating a new recipe - My Sister's Chef is dedicated to making you feel like family.

Our Vision



My Sister’s Chef is founded upon three principals: health, quality and inclusiveness. 


When Emily’s sister, Jennifer, was diagnosed with Celiac in 2002, their family’s eating habits changed drastically. Emily was determined to continue to create all of their family favorites as gluten free recipes. This led to her journey of reading, studying, testing and discovering new combinations of ingredients; along with a passion for creating delicious healthy food. Creating food that could be enjoyed by the whole family, rather than having a “special” menu for her sister, became her passion.


Being able to use food as a tool to bring people together, to create a sense of family, and to make sure that no one ever feels excluded is what My Sister’s Chef is all about. Through sharing of recipes, creating exciting events, teaching cooking classes and offering private catering services, My Sister’s Chef is there for you along every step of your health journey. We believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy the highest quality of food without having to sacrifice flavor.


We believe that your health is top priority in order to live a productive, fulfilled life. We believe in inclusiveness, that when we cook for you, you are our family – that is what matters most.