My Story - The Beginning

Food. It’s either our greatest pleasure or largest downfall. Our source of energy and weakness. Our means for socialization or even our livelihood. Our means to attain a physical goal or our obstacle to obtaining one.  It’s something that takes up hours of time on our social feeds with its tantalizing images. It feeds the eyes, mind, and appetite. Something that used to simply nourish us has now gained a cult following. It has become one of my favorite topics of discussion!

So let’s continue, here’s a bit of my story. I’m here to discuss food with you on an everyday level. My food is all gluten free, mostly paleo, and always satisfying! My love for food has always been prevalent; I enjoyed sophisticated foods such as raw oysters and juicy steaks before the age of 5. I watched my dad make the Sunday sauce on my tippy toes of a kitchen chair every week in our Brooklyn home. I ran into my Italian grandmas kitchen every family visit heading straight for the kitchen to see what all of the delicious smells were. I spent precious time baking Irish soda bread with my Irish grandma every St Patrick’s day. I learned about healthy, balanced, nutritional eating from my mom.

Most importantly, I learned (and continue to learn) from my sister to appreciated how food interacts with our bodies, how it can help us on our health journey and that the ability to even be able to eat food is something we take for granted. She continues to be my greatest source of inspiration.

Lastly, all of these influences have shaped me. I want to continue to grow and learn. I want this to be a space of open communication, not just a place where I share my thoughts. I will keep my writings as clear and concise as possible. Thank you for reading please feel free to share!


With Love,

Emily aka My Sister’s Chef